At Home with Tante Rosa

We, Kees and Sandra, have been coming to Valens, a village in the east of Switzerland, for more than 30 years. When you get there, you’ll feel it right away: the peace, the real life. We always go there to recharge and when we’re done we can take on the whole world! 

Many of our family members and friends have been coming with us to Tante Rosa, and they’re also very positive about the house. Everything is possible, from having a holiday with young and old to using the house independently or having an arranged holiday with Tante Rosa (babysitters can also be arranged) to sleeping externally on the alp with a big group. We at Tante Rosa can cook for you so you can relax in the garden, have a good conversation or go for a long hike with or without guidance. 

You’ll feel right At Home with Tante Rosa.

Stop by, experience and enjoy life there. Many have come before you. Tante Rosa is a natural fit for everyone!